Surface Prep

Getting a concrete floor ready for new flooring can sometimes be a big challenge. Epoxy paint, carpet glue, hard ceramic tile and thick tile grout all need removed before new flooring can be installed. We have the equipment and expertise to tackle any surface prep project from removing any type of floor covering to grinding and leveling uneven concrete slabs.



Our Tools

Floor Scrapers
Our InnovaTech Terminator T2100 allows us to quickly turn over any size project.

-VCT and carpet removal
-Ceramic Tile Removal

-Hardwood Flooring

-Thick mastic scraping

Floor Grinders

We use large HTC and InnovaTech floor grinders to grind epoxy coatings, paint, carpet and tile glue, and tile grout from concrete floors. These machines are also used in floor flatness corrective work. Used with industrial dust collections systems equipped with HEPA filters, we are able to perform the grinding operation with none to minimal dust.

-Epoxy removal
-Glue/Mastic Removal
-Floor leveling
-Tile gout removal

Floor Shaver/Planer

For very thick coatings and deep surface removal our concrete floor shaver machine is used. This electrical machine planes a concrete floor quickly with its 13 inch cutting path. Equipped with a cutting head that contains 52 diamond saw blades, this machine is capable of removing up to 1/4 inch of a concrete floor surface in a single pass.

-Floor Restoration
-Thick overlay removing
-Leveling uneven slabs
-Floor slope corrective work

Concrete Scarifier

To help remove thicker coatings and or produce an aggressive surface profile.

-Paint and epoxy removal
-Surface preparation
-Joint lipage removal

polished concrete
Polished Concrete